State of The Art Tattoo, Body Art & Music Festival, Derby
State of The Art Tattoo, Body Art & Music Festival, Derby
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Tattoo-UK was opened in Rayners Lane, Harrow in 2001 by Alan Dean.

In its first year Tattoo-UK had just three members of staff. Building a reputation fast for good quality work and a professional attitude the business expanded and eventually opened a second branch in Uxbridge. Tattoo-UK now has eight staff members between the two shops, three of whom are now award winning artists.

Although we all undertake all styles of Tattoos we each have our own preferences and individual tastes, which gives an eclectic mix of choices to our customers. So whether you want a "walk-in" flash design or custom work, we have something to suit everybody.

At Tattoo-UK we pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service. This not only means that you will receive the best care while obtaining your Tattoo (or Piercing!) but also that we do our best to help clients to choose the design that's right for them. A tattoo is for life, it's very easy to put on, but very hard to take off so we would rather give good advise for free than have someone make an expensive mistake. For those of you who weren't given such advise in the past we also do Laser Tattoo removal. This is done at the Rayners Lane branch by Alan and Terry. As well as removing such things as DIY tattoos, names etc. it is a useful tool in the success of cover-up work offering the client more choice for the end design.

Both branches of Tattoo-UK also do a full range of professional Body-Piercing. With male and female staff at both shops so there's no need to feel shy!

We work with an open door policy, so whether you know what you want done, need some advise or just want to see what it's all about, please fell free to pop in and say Hello or check out our website and (more recent) "myspace" page:

233 Imperial Drive
Rayners Lane
020 8866 0866
55 Cowley Road
01895 812 112

From all the team at Tattoo-UK

Tattoo Uk - Alan DeanMeet the Team!:
Alan Dean.
Alan Started his life in the tattoo industry at an early age watching his uncle tattooing in his kitchen, then by the 1980's He was working in his uncle's shop, Dino's, at weekends. After many years on the move, working with different people around the globe and trying different styles, Alan came back to England to make plans to start his own studio.

Some of Alan's Work:

Tattoo Uk - Alan DeanTattoo Uk - Alan DeanTattoo Uk - Alan Dean

Tattoo Uk - TerryHi my name is Terry and I am currently the manager at Tattoo Uk Rayners Lane branch. I have been fascinated with ink and skin since I can remember and have always admired the art of tattoo. I undertake many different styles of work and try to be as broad as I can be in what my customers desire. A tattoo can be required for many many reasons and for that I am always honoured to be a part of that. I hope I will always have the passion for this as I do today and further my work much further than my insanity can carry me.

Some of Terry's Work:

Tattoo Uk - TerryTattoo Uk - TerryTattoo Uk - Terry

Tattoo Uk - Matt HugillHi I'm Matt Hugill and am currently managing our Uxbridge branch of Tattoo Uk. I have been with the company for about five and a half years now, after joining the team over in Rayners Lane. I have been Tattooing for about 8 years now and piercing for about 6, I love all styles of Tattooing and try not to limit my work to a certain style. I enjoy everything from Japanese to new school to black and grey. I also paint legal graffiti walls outside of work to get some of the freedom I cannot have during Tattooing. Tattooing has become my life and it is something I have a strong passion for and great interest in. More of my work can be seen at


Some of Matt's Work:

Tattoo Uk - Matt HugillTattoo Uk - Matt HugillTattoo Uk - Matt Hugill

Tattoo Uk - TuesdayHey my name is Tuesday, Yes that is my real name! I've been working at Tattoo-Uk (Uxbridge) for 3 years now and it's really good working with such a wicked team of people. I enjoy doing all aspects of tattooing but my favourites are; New skool, Writing and Japanese. I haven't been tattooing for ages but everyday I push myself harder to try and be the best I can be. In my spare time I do graffiti and painting canvas. You can check out all my work at,



Some of Tuesday's Work:

Tattoo Uk - TuesdayTattoo Uk - TuesdayTattoo Uk - Tuesday

Tattoo Uk - PawelHi my name is Pawel, I'm from Poland and I'm 28years old. I have been Tattooing for 4 years and I like doing Black & grey.
My Myspace page:





Some of Pawel's Work:

Tattoo Uk - PawelTattoo Uk - PawelTattoo Uk - Pawel

Thank you from all of us at Tattoo-UK for taking the time to look at this!
Feedback and/or enquiries welcome,
Rayners Lane: 020 8866 0866
Uxbridge: 01895 812 112


Tattoo, Body Art & Music Festival,
16th & 17th July 2011

State of The Art Tattoo, Body Art & Music Festival, Derby

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